Month 1 Projekt19 Retrospective

Hitting the ground running

Every new project is a roller coaster of emotions. Everything starts on a high.

I told myself when I started that I didn’t want to get too excited and throttle myself in.

Well, that didn’t work, I threw myself in 110%. I mean how can you not, you find something you are passionate about - you get after it!

Building 19 projects in two years with Projekt19!

Thats what it took for me to get started!

I’ve already written about how and why I got started. This post is a retrospective of month one! I like the idea of this practice and I will work on keeping this up. It’s important to learn from doing and be transparent. I told myself I would #buildInPublic. This is an important aspect of my journey!

Let’s jump right into it!

The Numbers

📈 380 Unique Visitors to

💌 17 Subscribers to this newsletter

🚀 1st Product launched

#️⃣ 15 New Twitter Followers

What Went Well

🏃 Getting started! That’s always the hard part right? Well at least for me it has been. I have to remind myself to celebrate that I got started!

🎒 Learning! In a short amount of time, I was able to level up with noCode, integrations and general community building.

🚀 Launch! That’s right numero uno - product 01/19! In less then 30 days I took an idea and launched it to the world! Check it out

🗓 Weekly Content Routine! I’m starting off slow but happy to be writing a weekly post and additional getting into more short form content on Twitter.

What Did Not Go well

🤯 Subscription Overload. I’ve subscribed to way too many substacks, newsletters, SASS trials and etc.. I need to get my inbox back in control. I’ve started looking at MailBrew! or I build my own!

🕵 Knock knock, is anyone home? Years ago I had a good twitter following, my follower number was under 3K. I was hoping that my previous audience would still be kicking around. I'm sure twitter has some influence here but I need to investigate this further. I am hoping I can spruce up my current twitter engagement.


🎉 Follow Doc Williams! This guy is an encyclopedia of knowledge with No Code Tools. Not only is his content amazing, but he is a good dude! He’s already helped me on numerous occasions!

Action Items

📖 Levelling Up! Looking forward to reviewing Daniel Vassallo’sEveryone Can Build a Twitter Audience”!

👕 Quick Launch! Finalize logistics of a timely apparel pre-order site and distribution. The CrossFit Open is happening soon! Every year I design an “Open shirt” and this year I’m scaling. Help support CrossFit affiliates. There are a few blockers in place right now I need to resolve. Stay tuned!

🔬 What’s Next? Getting back to the drawing board and focusing on the next idea. I have 2-3 ideas I have been researching, investigating how to get it done. They are in the CrossFit, Golf, Budget spaces. I’m very excited for the next few ideas!

That’s a wrap on month one! Hope this was insightful!