Month 3 Projekt19 Retrospective

Automate and keep it rolling!

I’m happy with the projects I’ve launched thus far. Sure, the projects are low-hanging fruit, I’m doing it for a reason. Slowly progressing to larger, bigger more complex ideas. I didn’t want to come out and get overwhelmed by a single idea. Remember this journey is to allow me to exercise all my ideas. Honestly, Who has just one idea?

The Numbers

📈 150 new visitors to

👋 40 New Users to

💌 22 Total Subscribers (+2) to this newsletter

  • Open rate is averaging 75%

#️⃣ 17 New Twitter Followers

👛 $1500 Sales generated with Where We Sweat

🚀 Newly launched Best Web Digest with an average 8% open rate

What Went Well

🚀 Best Web Digest Launch: Numero #3, built a simple weekly newsletter for designers to be inspired. I talked about it more here.

🕗 Taking a Break: This past month I was able to slow down and enjoy the work a little more. I did a good job not working till midnight and up at 6:00 am. Feel like I am getting more balance with how I can fit in the hustle.

👕 Where We Sweat: - Didn’t have big expectations with creating an eCommerce Pop Up Shop. Above I shared the stats, I think it’s a successful launch. I was more excited about the “influencers” that I was able to reach out to successfully and represent the brand. Where We Sweat was positioned as a pop-up-shop, I do believe it will transform into something else. We will see what it becomes.

What Did Not Go well

📆 Gumroad 14 Day Product Challenge: I joined up the recent Gumroad challenge. Not because I needed motivation but because I was curious what resources, the education I would receive doing something in 14 days. I was a little disappointed with the community resources offered. There wasn’t a lot of chatter with the challengers, wasn’t a lot of information provided other than a simple PDF giving you daily challenges. I have a product that I have started and am almost finished and ready to launch. It’s not all that bad ;)


Schedule and batch content ahead of time. The past few weeks, I’ve taken 1-3 days to focus purely on creating content. Content creation isn’t always easy! To help ease this, I’ve recently been spending a good chunk of time creating content. Let’s say write 4-5 articles. Doesn't have to be fully polished, but having the core content there makes revisiting this better. More or less writing content versus editing content another day. The same goes for social, newsletters that all have schedulers! It also helps when you just aren’t feeling like writing.

Action Items

  • Launch the half-done product that I worked on through the GumRoad challenge.

  • Close Where We Sweat pop-up-shop. Likely just add a landing page for now.

  • Ignore NFT buzz

  • Formally announce this fun project I’ve been working on for quite some time.

  • Learn more about how to build a community. Yes, this is a hint on a project coming up!