Month #4 Retrospective

April 2021 reflection

Reflecting back on this month, feeling pretty good with the amount of time and focus I’ve put in. I’ve settled into a good amount of “side hustle” energy and time. No “official launches in the month of April, but I’ve started a few new products I’m excited to finish.

The Numbers

📈 119 new visitors to

📈 48 New Users to

💌 15 New Subscribers to Best Web Digest

  • Open rate is averaging less than 8% 😿

💌 29 Total Subscribers (+7) to this newsletter

  • Open rate is averaging 75%

#️⃣ 9 New Twitter Followers

🥂 1500 Podcast downloads for Living The Fit Life

What Went Well

🚀 Living the fit life: Not so much a launch but more of an announcement. I’ve been hosting a Fitness podcast for a local community. I will post more about this in the coming weeks. Until then, please give us a listen! It’s about Fitness, nutrition, recovery and community!

Owning my own Content: I spent a lot of time getting my content organized! I’ve created four new brands for it not to create too much overhead. I needed some organization. I’ve brought in a good mix of long-form and short-form content.

💵 Crunch: Created a brand and landing page for a new google sheet that I’m going to try to sell on Gumroad. Check out the site and stay tuned for the launch date.

What Did Not Go well

🎡 Didn’t complete a project: I technically didn’t start and finish a project in the past month. Not a bad thing but this marks the first month I didn’t deliver a new product.


Follow me on Twitter. I’ve been posting regularly, including a weekly Friday Fix with some excellent links that you should check out.

Action Items