Month #5 May 2021 Retrospective

May 2021 Reflection, Let's get personal!

I took some time to look back at previous retrospectives, and I enjoyed doing these monthly recaps. I did feel like they were very static and data-oriented. This month I wanted to add more personal notes about how things are going. Not just around Projekt19 but in general about all aspects of my life.

The Numbers

📈 108 new visitors to - Consistently hitting 100+ NEW users per month!

📈 384 New Users to - Had a big single-day spike from referrals, and google search is sending more traffic finally.

💌 8 New Subscribers to Best Web Digest

  • Open rate is still averaging 8% 😿

💌 29 Total Subscribers (+0) to this newsletter

  • Open rate is averaging 75%

🎙 Living The Fit Life hit significant milestones in May. Accumulated 660 downloads due to our guest podcast with Heber Cannon. This pushed us past 2,260 total downloads. Read more about the Living the Fit life project here.

📸 8 New Instagram Followers - I’ve been putting more effort into growing and creating content for Instagram. Please follow me on Instagram if you want to learn more about Fitness, Golf, Training, or Recovery.

#️⃣ 2 New Twitter Followers - Honestly, I’ve not been on Twitter much at all this past month.

What Went Well

🚀 Living the Fit Life: Officially launched this to you guys! If you haven’t read about it, check it out here. This month we invited a big guest and hit some significant milestones mentioned above. This podcast is full steam ahead, looking forward to spinning up more episodes this summer. Please give us a listen, share, review, spread the word!

📸 Upping my Insta game: I’ve got myself a little challenge with a friend to hit 1000 followers on the gram. Shout out to Coach ADJ on the road to 1000. I’ve been doubling down this past month, starting to create more structured content.

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⛳ Golf Season: As you can see above, I’m an avid golfer! Golf season in Canada is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier. If you follow me on Instagram, you will read more about my golf journey and goals.

What Did Not Go well

😫 Burn out: Hit the gas pedal a little stiff this past month. A few minor episodes (blurry vision, leading to migraines) turn out poor sleep, dehydration, and screen time all came together at once. I’m often pretty quick to solve my health;

  • Back on the Whoop train, I took time off after using it for the majority of 2019-2020 (more to come about that soon).

  • Have a new mattress

  • Finally, have prescription glasses for computer time

  • Upping my water game (I drank a lot of water before, now it’s ridiculous - I may as well be a fish)

😵 Took on a client project: Not all that bad, but it reminded me why I am not interested in doing client work. I can be a little pickier at this point in my career, and this just reinforced that. I’m open to doing client work, but I’m gonna make sure I have the right mindset and fit before jumping back in.


Get outside, take a break from the keyboard grind! I’ve needed more offline time in this past month to really give myself a better sense of focus and direction.

Action Items

  • Create a brand for short-form content. ✅ The brand has been created; content is being created now!

  • Launch Crunch Subscription Managers. ⛔ Still working through this, hoping this can be launched soon!

  • Post article about Living The Fit Life Podcast. ✅

  • Taking some steps in the direction of investing in myself with some “offline” learning. This year has been the year of “online teaching and learnings.” I am looking into getting more education that isn’t centred around a computer screen.