That Deep Hustle Weekend

How to carve out the most elusive time to move the needle.

This week’s content might be a little different than usual. I wanted to share a common practice of mine that I’ve found useful to get significant pieces of work done.

This is for all the “side hustlers” holding down a full-time job, or side hustler parents! Everyone talks about the hustle, and it’s true that if you want something you need to hustle! Some people are able to take the leap and go full-time on the hustle, some don’t have that flexibility yet.

In the meantime, there are things that you can do to keep moving forward with your hustle. I write this because I’m a side hustler holding down a full-time job and a parent. I know the struggles firsthand on trying to create something of your own.

Creating a schedule and ensuring burnout doesn’t creep in is a top priority for longevity and success.

Doing it all

As a solopreneur, you have to wear all the hats which means you spend a lot of time doing administrative tasks. You are the sole person to keep things moving. Which doesn’t leave much room for deep work. Yes, insert Cal Newport quote, you’ve heard them all by now.

How do you fit everything in? You can work deep into the night, day after day but soon it becomes unhealthy. Some folks claim Sundays are for hustling, this might be a little controversial for some. It does hold true but again not a long-term healthy solution.

I’ve recently started a new practice every 4-5 weeks to create more deep work moments.

Deep Work Weekends

Whether work items are starting to pile up or you’re not able to stay on top of it all. The list piles up; content needs to be created, growth hacking, building relationships, or product development. Maybe, you have an idea, maybe you want to sink your teeth into it and ship something new! I’ve got a little hack to getting things done.

Carve out a weekend, send the kids to the Grandparents.

Prep your work weekend:

  • Coordinate logistics with Grandparents

  • Align expectations with your partner (not a weekend of leisure)

  • Identify the purpose of the work weekend

  • Thursday or Friday is for planning. Set clear objectives for Saturday and Sunday.

  • Timeboxing your effort helps you focus on building quick and not wasting cycles

Don’t forget:

  • Coffee at the ready!

  • Ready-made fresh snacks to keep your mind healthy

  • Meal prep for easy food options

  • Get sleep! This work weekend isn’t an all-nighter

  • Take appropriate breaks, go for a walk, get a workout in, cuddle up with your partner

I’ve used this to catch up on content creation, growth hacking and even launched a few projects.

Hope this might spark some ideas on how you can attack some of those areas you’ve been meaning to get to!