Why I'm Launching a Newsletter

I’ve wrested with the lack of creative fulfillment in my life for the past few years.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I created many “side hustles”. Spending my “extra” time in front of a screen creating. Then things caught up to me or my priorities changed. I started going to bed earlier, slowing down and asking how do I sell this? My priorities were shifting - I was starting a family, getting into the “serious parts of my career”. My side hustles went dormant.

Fast forward a decade later…

I’ve struggled with getting fulfillment from my work. I no longer “create”, spending time dreaming of what I could create. Usually takes a good kick in the pants to get started (in this case it was a conversation with my wife). Thus here I am getting things started.

Projekt19 Redux

Reusing my old “freelance handle” to act as the “north star”. Projekt19 will house 19 products by 2023. I don’t know what those products will be at this moment and that’s the point. It might be a digital good, hard good, subscription, ebook, app, SASS - it’s better to stay undefined. I want to focus on a problem, market and then a solution.

I can imagine there will be a mix of everything, but the real benefit of all this - is back to how it all started. I need to create! Can’t think of a better way to do that than allowing myself to create whatever I want.

Getting back to the question

Launching a newsletter/blog is to record the journey. To hold myself accountable. I also hope to learn and share. Meet some new people that might share similar stories to me.

If you've already subscribed, THANK YOU. It means the world to me. If you want to find me else please follow me on Twitter here. If you are part of the IndieHacker community let’s connect here.